Who We Serve

We build, advocate for, and manage permanent affordable housing in Durham. The biggest need for affordable housing in Durham is for families at 30% area median income (AMI) and below whom we serve.

Below are the Durham metro income limits eligible for land trust housing based on the number of persons living in a household as of June 2022.

AMI # 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person
30% AMI$20,100$22,950$25,800$28,650
60% AMI$40,140$45,840$51,600$57,300
80% AMI$53,500$61,150$68,800$76,400


A super-heated local market is rapidly displacing low-income, predominantly African-American and Latinx residents – and the housing they can afford – from central neighborhoods in Durham.  DCLT is struggling to respond to our communities’ rapid, publicly incentivized, and market-driven demographic transformation.

The challenge of the decade ahead is to restrain the displacement of low-income, primarily African American and Latinx renters and homeowners.

DCLT’s goal is to avoid displacement for vulnerable individuals and families who want to live in a neighborhood with bus service near jobs, schools, parks, services, and public facilities downtown.