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DCLT was established in 1987 and founded by a group of neighbors in the West End concerned about houses left empty to decay, rising crime rates, and absentee landlords. These neighborhood residents banded together to preserve and revitalize Durham’s West End to save their neighborhood.

Over thirty years later, DCLT self-manages 198 permanently affordable homes in eight neighborhoods: West End, Lyon Park, Burch Avenue, Morehead Hill, Lakewood Park, East Durham, Hayti, and Southside. DCLT is a partner in an additional 117 managed units.

As of 2023, DCLT has expanded its focus to encompass all of the city of Durham in its efforts. At DCLT, we recognize that affordable housing is necessary city-wide and have restructured our approach to meet that growing need. 




DCLT is calling on the broader Durham community to help build our capacity to be Durham’s solution for permanently affordable housing.

DCLT has provided affordable housing opportunities to our Durham County residents through collaborative partnerships and sponsorships.

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