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Board Composition


Patty Braswell-Isler


Susan Callaghan


Bertha Bradley

Richard Weintraub


Rebecca Winders
Eileen Thorsos

Lanier Blum

Stacey Poston




Jazmin Harper

Susan Demeree

Vice President

Mark Eckert

Michael Reynolds
Paul Joyner

Melissa Noton


Selina Mack

Executive Director

As per our by-laws, the Board of Directors of Durham Community Land Trustees shall consist of nine (9) to eighteen (18) members. Representatives to DCLT's Board of Directors are nominated and elected at Annual meetings by the total membership for a term of two years. A Board representative may serve up to three (3) consecutive two-year terms, not to exceed six (6) years.

As a community-based organization, it is crucial that Durham Community Land Trustees: 1) have first-hand knowledge of what is going on in our target neighborhoods, 2) have community input in our revitalization efforts, 3) know the needs of the people, 4) know how to obtain resources for the community and 5) know how to develop the people as leaders and advocates for improvements in the overall quality of their lives. Durham Community Land Trustees accomplishes this through the following three categories of representation on our Board of Directors and subcommittee structure:

Lessee representatives (L) — are individuals that live in DCLT affordable housing units or in other words, are Land Trust residents. While most of these representatives do not have prior Board experience, their first-hand knowledge of what is going on in the neighborhoods is extremely valuable to this organization. Many bring life-long experience of living in the neighborhood and are usually our first response to proposed development and activities in the neighborhood.

General representatives (G) — are individuals that live in the Southwest Central Durham community at large. DCLT's target community is comprised of six (6) adjourning neighborhoods. These individuals may or may not have prior Board experience, but also bring the valuable knowledge of the community at large. Often, these individuals are associated with a community resource (i.e. church, business, etc.)

Public representatives (P) — are individuals from the anywhere other than Southwest Central Durham. Most of these individuals are professionally employed with prior Board experience. They often provide valuable knowledge of resources (financial, networking, construction, etc.) that can be utilized by DCLT.

In addition to Board representatives, DCLT recruits other individuals to serve on subcommittees. While all Board members are expected to serve on a committee, there are many committee members that are not Board members. DCLT's committee structure includes: Building Committee, Finance Committee, Fundraising Committee and the C.A.R.E. (Community and Resident Education) Committee.

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